Uncertain and incomplete knowledge modelling for mediation in mobile context-aware systems

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KnowMe tutorial during the Declare17 Summer School

Declare17 is a six days long event during which a Summer school will be held.

During it a tutorial on Multi-Paradigm Programming programming with the Semantic Knowledge Engineering will be given by Grzegorz J. Nalepa.

As practical part of the tutorial KnowMe tools will be demonstrated by him together with Piotr Misiak.

Suggested reading

Day One: rule base design, execution, and integration



Day Two: rules in context-aware systems, on mobile devices



  1. The tool Loki page
  2. Practical introduction: Loki tour

To get improved grade, please send comments to me by 26.09.2017. Send them after that to help save the world LOL - thanks! — Grzegorz J. Nalepa 2017/09/20 14:54


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